Alex Greed is a solid part of the international house music scene for many years. From national resident dj up to international booked musician, Alex knows how to heat up the crowd.
Big moves came up in 2016:  "I Am Here" and "Alive"; both of which climbed up in the "german dance charts" and have been supported by many international artists, have been a start for getting in touch with the „scene“.
Intuitively performing genre busting sets, Alex's rapidly growing fanbase is the key reason for his high-energy shows at venues like Nature One, Ruhr In Love, Ibiza World Club Tour or World Club Dome.
While he's loving spending time in the studio combining classical house-elements within new styles, his performance is beeing increased by collabs with friends and international booking as well.
2020 will be game changing again – remembering the roots once again, alex will be peaking up the mainstages in a completely new way!









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